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This is Grace ŒS by Lisanne Buik, a monthly missive into the future.

Here, we talk about everything under the sun of a gracious future: circular thinking, embodied ethics, regenerative systems and eco-entangled design.

We start by building a gracious future dictionary. AN AMORPHOUS AGENT VOCABULARY. A re~programming language used for practising grace in your day~to~day. When consciously applied, this language can be an effective tool to reprogram the bodymindheart back to its natural state; and, embody eco-entangled ethics that can lead to the invention of technologies that are indistinguishable from nature.

This re~programming language will be built word~by~word by AMORPHOUS AGENTS Lisanne Buik and Bela Rofe. For everyone who's interested to follow along, subscribe now. 💙