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We are in a PERFECT storm. A sense of upheaval is spinning around the globe, and as our crises abound we are worried about what’s next. We all need some kind of FUTURE THERAPY to rekindle our hope for a GRACIOUS FUTURE. Go on that journey with us. Subscribe to get full access to the newsletter and website. Let’s MANIFEST a gracious future together.

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What is GRACE ŒS

GRACES ŒS is an OPERATING ECOSYSTEM for designing the future with grace. Our mission is to research, embody and design new operating ecosystems for society and self that are in tune with the principles of nature. We conduct research at the intersection of ecology, technology, somatics and spirituality, and apply that knowledge to art, design and educational projects.

GRACE OES (BETA) is an immersive, audio-visual installation, enveloping visitors in a future world, the AMORPHOCENE. The exhibition is open until 9 JAN, 2022 at BUITENPLAATS DOORNBURGH in MAARSSEN, the NETHERLANDS.

Visit www.grace-oes.net